Water Moccassin

Water Moccasin, also known as the cottonmouth, is a venomous snake found throughout Florida’s lakes and waterways.The water moccasin is a semi-aquatic snake with strong territorial instincts.water_moccasinLike most wildlife, water moccasin will avoid humans but there are reports of this snake being unusually aggressive toward any intruder into its territory.

These snakes are most easily identified by the distinct shape of their head and thick bodies.  Water moccasins are strong swimmers and move quickly on both land and water.

Professional removal is recommended for these potentially dangerous snakes.



One of the most adaptable creatures, raccoons have made suburban communities a part of their habitat.  Garages, attics, and other secluded places around homes are perceived as perfectly suited for nesting and raising families. babyRaccoons are one of the most common squatters taking up residence in man-made buildings.

Removing raccoons is best handled by professionals. They may seem docile but raccoons can and will bite if they feel threatened.